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What Should You Do When First Filing a Property Damage Claim?

If your home has been destroyed or damaged, there’s a good chance that you are feeling overwhelmed by the loss and the process of replacing, repairing and recovery. In the event that the property was insured, one of the first things you should is to begin to gather evidence of the property damage and to use your insurance policy. Many people recognize that their insurance policy is the best way for them to get back home. However, it is often hard for people who have suffered this serious type of property damage to realize the possible pushback from the insurance company. Many people like to view this as a cut and dry application and denial or response from the insurance company. But it is essentially more like a business negotiation. Since you are unlikely to be on a level playing field with the experienced insurance company and all of their adjustors, you need the support of an experienced property insurance lawyer to help you. Although you might be unfamiliar with the process in general, as well as your policy, there are rules and laws that do provide you with ample rights. You can have these explained to you with the help of your property insurance lawyer. The primary goal of your attorney should be to help explain your rights and the process to you so that you can be a strong advocate and know where to get help if you encounter it. Make sure that your attorney walks you through all of the critical aspects of your policy itself, and your lawyer can also help you to decipher communication you have received from the insurance company, that indicates that they may delay or deny your claim. You cannot afford to make mistakes in the property insurance application process and therefore, your consultation with an experienced lawyer should be scheduled sooner rather than later.