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Should You Let Your Insurance Claims Lawyer Do All of the Talking to Your Insurance Company?

If you have already filed an insurance claim and are frustrated because you feel that your claim has been wrongfully denied, you may be curious about hiring an insurance claims lawyer. It is not necessarily accurate that you should be the one talking to your insurance company after you've retained a lawyer. After all, you've probably gone through every method on your own to try to get the insurance company to realize that you believe that the claim has been handled unfairly. After you hire an attorney, you can pass off the frustrating and time-consuming task of consulting directly with the insurance company. Your lawyer may be able to find a better result. If an aggressive attorney contacts the insurance company early on in the claims process, however, depending on the person who is ultimately handling the insurance claim, this could prolong or aggravate a dispute that you could have resolved yourself. However, most people who are in the process of hiring an insurance claims lawyer will have already tried to resolve things on their own and been unsuccessful in doing so. If you have already given it your best shot and have not been able to come up with a solution with the insurance company or if you believe that the insurance company is not treating you fairly, you need to let a professional take over on your behalf. If the insurance company realizes that you have hired an attorney, it shows them that you are extremely serious. Most attorneys will insist on communicating solely with the insurance company for your best interests after you have hired him or her. Make sure you understand what your attorney anticipates after you have hired this person to work on your behalf in an insurance dispute claim. It can be overwhelming to find yourself in this position and not realize what is involved or how to best protect yourself but the support of a knowledgeable attorney can go a long way towards helping you get a resolution so you can effectively close out this part of your life.