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Are Pedestrian Accidents Common in South Florida?

 Posted on June 23, 2023 in Car Accidents

Fort Lauderdale pedestrian injury lawyerSouth Florida is well-known for its beautiful beaches, warm weather, and vibrant downtown areas. When people come from all corners of the world to visit, this can lead to a great deal of foot traffic. Unfortunately, with more people on foot comes the risk of serious pedestrian accidents. If you have been struck by a car while walking in South Florida, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact a personal injury attorney to learn more about your rights and legal options.

Most Common Injuries Suffered in Pedestrian Accidents in South Florida 

Pedestrian accidents can cause a wide range of injuries, some of which may be serious or even life-threatening. A driver who acted negligently and struck a pedestrian may be held liable for the resulting damages, including the costs of medical treatment, loss of income, and other physical or financial harm a person has suffered as a result of an accident.

In many cases, pedestrian accidents will involve broken bones. With the force of a vehicle hitting a pedestrian, bones can easily be fractured, and in some cases, they may be shattered or crushed. These injuries can include anything from broken legs and arms to fractured hips. Serious fractures can require lengthy hospital stays, surgeries, and physical therapy, not to mention lost wages from missed work.

Head trauma is another common injury that pedestrians experience in traffic accidents. These can include anything from a mild concussion to a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Head injuries and TBIs can be very serious, and in some cases, they may result in life-long complications. 

Spinal cord injuries are another form of debilitating bodily harm that an individual can suffer in a pedestrian accident. The spinal cord is a critical component of the central nervous system, and damage to the nerves in the spinal cord can cause permanent paralysis. Spinal cord injuries can easily happen when a pedestrian’s back is contorted or crushed after being hit by a vehicle. 

Beyond these catastrophic injuries, there are many other wounds a pedestrian can face after being involved in an accident, such as cuts, bruises, or nerve damage. If a pedestrian survives an accident, they can be left with life-long chronic pain, serving as a devastating reminder of their accident. 

Contact a Fort Lauderdale Pedestrian Accident Attorney

If you or someone you love has suffered an injury in a pedestrian accident in the South Florida area, we encourage you to reach out to the skilled Broward County pedestrian accident lawyers with The Law Offices of John D. Ameen, P.A.. We understand how challenging it can be to navigate a situation like this. We will be here to fight for you while ensuring that your rights are protected at all times. Call 800-555-4011 to arrange a free consultation. 



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