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Hurricane Damages and Insurance: 3 Things You Should Know

 Posted on October 05, 2021 in Uncategorized


Your End-of-Season Questions Answered

Hurricane season is anticipated to end in late November, and this year has already caused a significant amount of displacement and damage across many regions of the country. In fact, 2021 is already considered one of the top five costliest Atlantic hurricane seasons of all time.

Homeowners understandably have many questions about the damages caused and what, if anything, can be covered by their insurance. Here are the top three things to know for the end of the season and looking forward to the next.

1. Hurricane Insurance is Required in Florida

If you've recently moved to Florida, you may be shocked to find that your homeowner's policy covers hurricane damages. This "hurricane insurance" ensures you are protected from wind damages, and you may receive discounts for adding "wind-resistant" additions to your home. However, flood insurance is not included and may need to be purchased separately.

2. Your Policy Rate Could Increase After a Hurricane

It's not uncommon for insurance rates to skyrocket after a hurricane or big storm that caused a significant amount of damage. When thousands, or even millions, of people are filing claims at the same time, there may be some residual fallback on policyholders with private companies.

Furthermore, even areas where damage wasn't as significant could be affected by these hikes. For example, reports show that insurance rates may increase in Florida after Hurricane Ida, despite the state not having damages because of it.

3. Filing Your Damage Claim

Filing an insurance claim immediately following a hurricane will be one of your safest bets for recovery. Waiting too long to do so may cause your claim to be delayed and have you struggling to rebuild damages. Here are some steps you should take prior to filing:

  • Photograph the damages.
  • Take inventory of all items in your home that have been damaged and their value.
  • Make fixes to smaller damages that may prevent more long-term issues, such as broken windows or cracks/holes in the ceiling.

You may also want to consider contacting an attorney to ensure you are getting fair compensation for your claim.

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