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Hurt in a Jet Ski Accident? Know Your Legal Rights

 Posted on April 04, 2023 in Personal Injury

Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury LawyerWith the spring break season in full swing, many people are traveling to Florida to enjoy the sun and surf. This means that there are even more people out on the water than normal. Many vacationers will rent jet skis and other recreational watercraft for their own enjoyment, often without any prior experience or knowledge of how to safely operate these vehicles. Unfortunately, this can lead to serious boat accidents and injuries. If you were injured while riding a jet ski, or if a jet ski rider collided with you while you were swimming, it is important to know your legal options.

Who is Liable for a Jet Ski Collision?

Jet skis come with inherent risks. However, responsible boating can prevent the majority of jet ski accidents. Alcohol use is extremely common among boaters, despite being against Florida law. Consequently, intoxicated drivers is a common cause of boat accidents - especially during spring break. Traveling too fast for the conditions, failure to pay attention, and inexperience can also cause jet ski crashes.

If you were injured due to another person’s negligence while operating a jet ski, the responsible party might be liable for your damages. To prove that an individual is liable for a jet ski accident, you will need to show that they acted recklessly or carelessly and that this recklessness caused your accident.

The owner or operator of a jet ski rental shop may also be liable for an accident caused by a jet ski they rented. If a jet ski was malfunctioning and the rental company failed to properly check it before renting it out, or if their instruction on how to operate the vehicle was inadequate and led to an accident, you may be able to sue the rental company for damages.

How Much Compensation Can You Get for a Jet Ski Crash?

Boat accident injuries often require hospitalization and other expensive medical care. If another party's actions caused your crash, that party might be required to reimburse you for any medical expenses you incurred. You may also be entitled to compensation for other losses, such as damage to your property, your lost wages from missed work, and your pain and suffering.

Call our Fort Lauderdale Boat Accident Lawyers

If you or a loved one were hurt in a jet ski accident, you might be able to recover reimbursement for your injuries and financial losses. Contact our Broward County personal injury attorneys to discuss your options and determine whether you may have a valid claim. Call 800-555-4011 for a free initial consultation. You will pay no fees unless we make a recovery for you.




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