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I Got Bitten by a Dog in Florida. What Can I Do?

 Posted on February 15, 2024 in Personal Injury

FL injury lawyerIf a pet injures someone, the pet’s owners are generally considered legally responsible for whatever damage was caused, and the case falls under the category of premises liability. However, there are various circumstances in which dog bites would not be considered the responsibility of the owner. If you were bitten by a dog and you find yourself wondering whether the owner might be liable for covering any medical costs incurred, a knowledgeable Broward County, IL premises liability attorney can review your case and offer you guidance.

What Does Florida Law Say About Dog Bites?

When it comes to dog bites, every state differs in how they handle this matter, but there are two common approaches. There are “one bite” states, in which the owner is held responsible if they already knew or should have known about their dog’s aggressive tendencies based on previous experiences. There are also “strict liability” states, like the state of Florida, in which dog owner liability is upheld regardless of the pet’s previous history and even if they never bit anyone before.

However, there are certain exceptions where the pet owner is likely not going to be liable for damages or other compensation, including:

  • If the person was bitten while they were on the pet owner’s property without the owner’s permission.
  • If there was a visible and legible sign at the entrance to the property that states “Beware of Dog” or “Bad Dog.” It should be noted that there are exceptions to this exception. If the person who was bitten by the dog is under six years old, strict liability still applies.
  • If the dog owner can prove that the victim displayed comparative negligence, meaning the victim was partially responsible for what happened. In such a case, a judge might adjust whatever compensation they would otherwise be granted.

A personal injury lawyer with an understanding of premises liability can look into the specifics of what happened to you and let you know whether you might have a case.

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