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I Was Hit by a Car in South Florida. Now What?

 Posted on March 04, 2024 in Car Accidents

FL injury lawyerFlorida is known for many wonderful things that attract a great deal of tourism: sunshine, oranges, and beaches, to name a few. But with such an easygoing beach culture and so many out-of-towners walking around on vacation not necessarily paying attention to local laws and traffic patterns, there are unfortunately many pedestrian accidents here, too. Getting hit by a car can be an extremely painful experience, both physically and emotionally. If you were walking around South Florida and got hit by a car, an experienced Broward County, FL personal injury lawyer can advocate for you to get compensation.

What Can Happen in a Pedestrian Accident?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, pedestrian accidents remain a common occurrence. Depending on the circumstances of the accident, the speed of the car, and the driver’s response time, there is a wide variety of injuries that a pedestrian hit by a car can suffer. These injuries range from not serious to life-threatening. When a driver hits a pedestrian with their car, they can be liable for the pedestrian’s medical bills, income loss, and other types of physical and financial damages resulting from the accident. Some common physical injuries from pedestrian accidents include:

  • Broken bones. When a car hits an unprotected pedestrian, it can very often result in fractured bones. Several factors can make these injuries more or less severe. For example, a shattered bone in your arm might make you feel unable to accomplish certain tasks but shattered hips or legs can take away your mobility. These injuries are generally treated with hospitalization, surgery, physical therapy, and medication.
  • Head trauma. Another common injury suffered by pedestrians hit by cars is head trauma. This includes anything ranging from mild concussion to traumatic brain injury and everything in between. Brain trauma can sometimes be treated but might have lasting consequences.
  • Spinal cord injury. When someone is hit by a car, their spinal cord can become injured if their body was pushed into the air and landed back down on the ground or if they were run over. Spinal cord injury can sometimes be treated through therapy but can also result in irreversible paralysis.
  • Chronic pain. While not necessarily life-threatening, chronic pain can cause a great deal of physical and emotional suffering and be a constant reminder to someone of a traumatic event that they experienced. 

Contact a Broward County, FL Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one was hit by a car while walking, a reliable Fort Lauderdale, FL personal accident attorney can offer invaluable guidance and help you figure out your way forward. At The Law Offices of John D. Ameen, P.A., we understand how physically and emotionally traumatizing this kind of accident can be. We offer free consultations so call 800-555-4011 to schedule yours.

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