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What Are the Most Common Boating Injuries in South Florida? 

 Posted on May 22, 2023 in Personal Injury

Fort Lauderdale Boating Accident LawyerSouth Florida is known for its picturesque coastline and abundance of waterways, making boating a popular activity for residents and visitors alike. However, the increased boating traffic increases the risk of accidents and injuries. Today, we will discuss what the most common injuries are in South Florida and take an in-depth look at why these accidents occur in the first place. If you were injured in a boating accident, consider contacting an experienced personal injury attorney as you look to obtain the financial compensation you may be entitled to.

Common Boating Injuries

The most common types of injuries sustained in boating accidents in Florida include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) – These injuries can occur when the head is struck by a hard surface, such as a boat or other objects on the boat or in the water, like rocks. 

  • Broken bones – These are prevalent injuries that often occur when a boat strikes another boat or a rock in the water. Often, the boat’s occupants will be violently jostled in the boat or may even be thrown from the boat into the water, where striking a rock or being struck by a boat becomes a dangerous possibility. 

  • Drowning – Of course, drowning is a serious risk in boating accidents. Often, someone in a boating accident will hit their head, be rendered unconscious, and be launched into the water, where they inevitably drown. 

  • Cuts and lacerations – These can occur because of contact with sharp objects, like boat propellers.

  • Spinal cord injuries – Considered catastrophic injuries, damage to the spinal cord can occur for various reasons, such as being tossed from the boat and into the water, striking a rock or the seafloor if it is shallow enough, or even being thrown around in the boat.

Why Do Boating Accidents Occur? 

Here are some of the typical reasons why boating accidents happen:

  • Operator error – This may include speeding, operating a boat under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and not paying attention to other boats on the water.

  • Equipment failure – Boats and their equipment can fail, leading to accidents. This can include engine failure, steering failure, and malfunctioning safety equipment.

  • Environmental factors – Strong winds, rough waters, and poor visibility due to fog or rain can lead to accidents. 

  • Inexperienced operators – Those with little to no experience operating a boat are more likely to make bad decisions while on the water, which can lead to injuries.

Contact a Broward County Personal Injury Lawyer

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