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Fort Lauderdale Commercial Vehicle Accident Injury Attorneys

Lawyers in Fort Lauderdale for Those Hurt in Crashes Caused by Professional Drivers

Getting into any type of accident can have lasting effects on many aspects of your life. If a professional driver's negligent behavior resulted in a commercial motor vehicle accident, you do not have to suffer needlessly without compensation. With the help of an accident lawyer at The Law Offices of John D. Ameen, P.A., you can pursue a claim or lawsuit for compensation.

If you are recovering from injuries or the loss of a loved one after a commercial vehicle collision, you deserve to recover from the physical, emotional, and financial damages incurred. Our lawyers are here to help get you through this challenging time by handling your case without adding to your worries.

Handling All Types of Commercial Motor Vehicle Accident Cases

A commercial motor vehicle is any vehicle that transports goods or people for business and meets the Department of Transportation weight requirements. Some examples of a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) include but are not limited to:

  • Tractor trailers
  • Box trucks
  • Some pickup trucks
  • Step vans, such as those often used by Amazon, UPS, and FedEx
  • Buses
  • Motor coaches
  • Taxicabs
  • Specialty vehicles, such as garbage trucks, fire engines, and street sweepers

Our firm handles cases involving all different types of CMVs for clients in South Florida. If you have suffered injuries in an accident involving one of these or another kind of CMV, our attorneys can offer you legal counsel and guide your case through the system.

The type of vehicle that caused your collision can affect who we seek to hold responsible for your damages. Possible liable parties include the driver, their employer, another employee of the company, or a third party involved in the vehicle's operation.

Protecting Your Rights

No one deserves to go through the legal process alone when another driver caused their crash and injuries. Whether you are seeking damages for your own injuries or the loss of your loved one, our lawyers are here to offer our fierce and compassionate support. We can:

  • Compile evidence to show how and why your collision occurred
  • Build an aggressive case against the parties legally responsible for your damages
  • Analyze all available records to determine the value of your case
  • Represent you in all communications, negotiations, and court appearances
  • Handle any necessary paperwork and meet all deadlines
  • Explain the circumstances of your case and offer legal advice as it progresses

Common Recoverable Damages From Commercial Vehicle Accidents

When a commercial motor vehicle gets into an accident, the results are often devastating. Many of these vehicles are large and heavy, and this additional size and weight can cause significant destruction. A large number of such crashes lead to injuries that require hospitalization, ongoing treatment, and long periods of time off for recovery. Some of the physical injuries you can expect in an accident with a commercial motor vehicle include:

When you file a claim or lawsuit against the driver and their employer, you could collect compensation for your medical expenses and lost wages. If your injuries lead to lasting health conditions, such as paralysis, you may collect for your long-term damages related to the care and financial support you will need in the future. You could also recover damages for pain and suffering, PTSD, and other considerations that are often harder to quantify.

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If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in a crash with any type of commercial vehicle, the team at The Law Offices of John D. Ameen, P.A. is ready and willing to help you take action against the responsible party or parties. To get started, contact our office. Call 800-555-4011 to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation today. We only charge fees if we secure compensation for you. Our firm serves clients in Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Coral Springs, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, and throughout South Florida.

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