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Fort Lauderdale UPS Delivery Truck Accident Attorneys

Fort Lauderdale Injury Lawyers for Those Hurt in Crashes Involving UPS Vans

UPS is one of the leading delivery companies in the world. With a worldwide fleet of 127,000 vehicles and daily deliveries of as many as 24 million packages, it is no surprise that UPS drivers are involved in thousands of motor vehicle accidents each year across the United States. When a fully loaded UPS truck is involved in an accident with other vehicles, or when a UPS driver strikes a motorcyclist, bicyclist, or pedestrian, the injuries suffered by victims can be catastrophic. To recover rightful compensation for bodily harm and property losses in these collisions, victims can seek legal help from a personal injury lawyer who understands the unique factors involved in these types of cases.

Here at The Law Offices of John D. Ameen, P.A., we are dedicated to assisting those who have been injured because of the negligence of others, and we understand the legal issues that can affect UPS delivery driver accidents. We realize how intimidating and discouraging these situations may feel for victims, especially if they are uncertain about their ability to hold a large company like UPS accountable for the damages they have suffered. We understand the difficulties that injury victims face, and we are dedicated to helping our clients seek full compensation for all of the ways they have been affected.

Liability for UPS Accidents

In many cases, motor vehicle collisions involving UPS delivery drivers are the result of negligence. Drivers may feel pressure to meet deadlines and deliver packages as quickly as possible, causing them to take risks that could put their safety – and the safety of others on the road – at risk. Speeding, reckless driving, ignoring traffic signals, illegal passing, or other violations of traffic laws can lead to serious accidents with devastating consequences for all involved. Drivers may also cause collisions because they are distracted by their cell phones or GPS navigation systems, or they could become exhausted after the physical exertion of delivering packages throughout the day. All of these issues may combine to significantly increase the chances of accidents occurring.

When accidents are caused by UPS drivers, liability for victims' injuries may be dependent on whether a driver was directly employed by UPS or working as an independent contractor. If a driver is classified as an employee, then UPS may bear legal responsibility for any damages that resulted from the driver's actions. On the other hand, if a driver was providing services to UPS as an independent contractor, then the company may attempt to avoid responsibility for the driver's negligence.

Our lawyers will determine the best ways to handle UPS accidents, and we can help our clients understand the right approach to take in cases involving UPS employees and independent contractors. We can review company documents or other relevant evidence to gain an understanding of whether UPS's practices or policies put the safety of our clients at risk. We can look at issues such as the training provided to drivers, the schedules drivers were required to follow, and the safety procedures the company may have failed to follow correctly. We will work to ensure that our clients will be able to fully address the harm done to them by holding UPS responsible for putting their safety at risk.

Contact a Broward County UPS Accident Lawyer

Determining how to proceed after a UPS accident can be confusing, but with our attorneys at your side, you can rest assured that you will have sound legal counsel to ensure that your rights will be protected. We will negotiate on your behalf with insurance companies or determine whether it may be possible to pursue lawsuits against UPS or other parties who were responsible for an accident. We will do everything possible to make sure you will be able to obtain full compensation for your injuries and damages.

To find out how we can get you the compensation you need, contact our office at 800-555-4011 and book your free consultation. The Law Offices of John D. Ameen, P.A. has locations in Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Coral Springs, Hollywood, and West Palm Beach, and we assist clients throughout South Florida.

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