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Sex Trafficking Lawsuits

Fort Lauderdale Lawyers Representing Sex Trafficking Victims

Sex trafficking is a much larger problem than most people realize. Organizations like the National Human Trafficking Resource Center and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children estimate that millions of people – predominately women and children – will be victimized by sex trafficking every year, with many of the worst cases happening here in the United States. Many of the wrongdoings in sex trafficking groups act with the assistance of legitimate businesses that act as fronts or otherwise expedite their crimes. If you have been the victim of sex trafficking in Florida, then you need to know that you might have the right to seek justice through a lawsuit filed against the individuals and businesses that hurt you. Our sex trafficking attorneys of the Law Offices of John D. Ameen, P.A. in Fort Lauderdale would be proud to help. We have the legal experience, connections, and reputation needed to stand up to any opposition, including those who have been accused of or convicted for crimes that most people would describe as irreprehensible.

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Damages in a Sex Trafficking Lawsuit

The financial damages that you are owed as a victim of sex trafficking can vary significantly depending on who can be named as a defendant. If you can only file a lawsuit against an individual offender, then securing a sizeable financial recovery could be difficult due to the lack of insurance policies that would apply to that situation. If the offender was aided by a business, though, then your damages could be much greater due to the business’s insurance policies and assets. You might be owed the following damages and more as a sex trafficking claimant:

  • Medical treatment costs if you were physical injured by the offenders
  • Costs for years of therapy made necessary by your psychological trauma
  • Noneconomic damage related to your pain and suffering
  • Income-based damage if you cannot find employment due to lost opportunities

When you allow our attorneys to work on your claim or lawsuit as a sex trafficking victim in Florida, you can leave any worries about calculating damages aside. We will take care of that for you and pursue every last penny available. Money cannot undo what you have endured, but it can help you find a better tomorrow while also sending a message to offenders everywhere.

Industries That Perpetuate Sex Trafficking

Did a company or industry perpetuate sex trafficking or enable a sex trafficker to take advantage of you? We want to know as much as you can share to see if there is a business that should be held responsible for your abuse and liable for your damages as well. Hospitality industries are often at the center of sex trafficking scandals and organizations, for example. Hotels, motels, hostels, and other such establishments will rent blocks of rooms to sex traffickers to hold victims. Hospitality businesses can also be held liable if they were grossly negligent in stopping sex trafficking on their premises, even if they did not participate in the crime. Social media companies have also been harshly criticized recently for enabling sex trafficking. Many social media apps are marketed in a way to encourage young children and teenagers to overshare with strangers. Sex traffickers can use the apps to more easily connect with and exploit young users, luring them into a trap.

Do You Know Someone Who Might Be a Victim?

People who are victimized by sex trafficking are often too afraid to speak up and get help. Loved ones are usually those who take notice that something is wrong and take action. If you know someone who might be victimized by sex trafficking, then you should look for warning signs that they are in danger. Sex trafficking victims often exhibit these signs of abuse:

  • Unexplained physical injuries
  • Malnourishment or dehydration
  • Complete lack of identification
  • Sudden drug addiction
  • Fear of strangers
  • Unwillingness to speak for themselves

If you suspect a loved one is being abused in a sex trafficking ring, then you should notify the authorities. Local law enforcement agencies might already have an ongoing investigation, and your input could be the assistance they need to justify a warrant and make an arrest. Be sure to save our phone number – 800-555-4011 – if your suspicions were correct and your loved one has been victimized by sex trafficking in Florida.

Take Legal Action Today – Do Not Hesitate to Call Us

The Law Offices of John D. Ameen, P.A. and our entire team of legal professionals are standing by to spring into action if you need to start or file a sex trafficking lawsuit. Using our decades of collective legal experience, we can carefully approach your case to give you a strong chance of securing compensation while also preserving your safety and wellbeing. Contact The Law Offices of John D. Ameen, P.A. today for legal help.

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