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Fort Lauderdale Personal injury lawyerBrain injuries are catastrophic and often life-altering events that can lead to physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges. Consequently, brain injuries may result in significant personal injury claims and compensation for sufferers of such injuries. Today, we will explore the various factors involved in determining the potential size of personal injury claims arising from brain injuries while also stressing how essential it is to obtain legal guidance during this challenging time. 

Medical Costs

Depending on the severity of the brain injury, an injured person may require long-term medical care. This may include extensive medical treatment, rehab, and ongoing care. Personal injury claims consider the anticipated medical expenses arising from these injuries, including surgeries, therapies, medications, and assistive devices. High medical costs associated with brain injury treatment contribute to the potential size of personal injury claims. 

Lost Wages

Sadly, brain injuries can significantly impair someone’s ability to work, potentially leading to lost wages and a dramatically decreased future earning capacity. Personal injury claims will consider the financial impact associated with these kinds of losses. Calculating the economic damages caused by a reduced ability to pursue gainful employment will likely become a pivotal factor in determining the potential value of a brain injury claim. 

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